Humans of SLA Beeber: Ms. Moran

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What is the story behind your name?

Um, well my name means honey bee but that doesn't really mean anything to me. um my name doesn't really mean anything to me its kind of  interesting I never really got called by my actual name um I have a family name that my friends kind of took on and I have nicknames and then as a teacher working in this field no one calls you by your first name your always called by your last name so my first has kind of became something like a second thought um I think more so like my family name my given name is Melissa but they call me melly  and I've been called that my whole life and to me is who I am melly for sure if you know that name and you call me that name its like you've known me forever so it kind of synonymous with where I came from and who I am

-How would you like to be remembered?

like as a teacher or like as in a human been

-like as a human

I think that I would like to someone who had kind of an impact on this generation however that may be.

For more of the interveiw hear the audio below.