Internet Survival Guide

2. The Internet has changed communication because you can talk to people online even in  far away places. When a family member is far away the children can skype with them and see them even if their far away.
3. Immediacy Permanence and Lack of Control affect us off and online because when you’re offline people online will see the stuff you do and be hesitate to like you or give you a job. Online it affects you because you may get mean comments online about stuff you posted.

4. One way you can protect your identity is having a hard password to learn so then hackers can’t hack you and find out who you are. You can protect your reputation by saying nice things and being a nice person online.

5. The Internet has rules like the websites you go to like YouTube Twitter and Twitch they have rules like no cyber bullying or inappropriate things on their websites.

6. It is when a person online is harassing someone online for saying something mean, doing something they don’t like or just to pick on someone.

7. Trolling because you’re messing with the person just to get a reaction. Spamming because you’re spamming nasty comments online to someone to hurt their feelings.

8.The advice I’d give for victims is that you must remand strong and share your message. The advice I’d give to bullies is that you should remember their human and you won’t like if someone did that to you. The advice I’d give to bystanders you should tell someone what is happening. The advice I’d give to cyberbullies is that if you have a problem with someone you should say it to them and not leave mean comments.

9. Have a great password so you won’t get hacked. Don’t bully people. Help someone who is being bullied the best you can. Leave constructive comments. Don't troll people even if its funny.