Lina Burghezi Capstone

For my Capstone, I made a visual novel game about living through a day with various different mental illnesses as a student. It is a choice-based game that can lead to both good and bad endings. The purpose of the game is to help those struggling feel that their thoughts are recognized; and that they are not alone. It also is for those who don't experience similar difficulties- so that they can understand what kind of thoughts can enter a person's head and how much interference to day-to-day life that they can cause. For the creation of the game, I put a lot of effort into coding little details and writing for each scene. I drew different backgrounds and character art; as well as researched different mood-setting instrumentals and sound effects in order to make the game feel more realistic. I hope the game has the ability to connect with the player as I felt it connected with me. Since, overall, it taught me a lot of things about myself as I made it, and I hope that it'll teach others a thing or two as well.