Morgan Shinners Capstone

For my senior capstone project, I decided that I wanted to help improve the school's composting process. A senior before me aimed to accomplish this, and I wasn't sure if I could perfect it, but I wanted to take steps towards doing so. 
The process I went through consisted of numerous trials and errors. I had a lot of ideas, but not a lot of foundation for them. Some of the things I attempted were too big to accomplish by myself, and some of the things were too small to yield the results that I wanted. 
Eventually, my final idea came to me. I decided to hold a small contest among the freshman advisories - whoever produced the most amount of compost would get a prize. I first presented the basics and benefits of composting to them, and continued the process by bringing in bins and posters for each advisory. At the end of the contest week, I weighed each bin to see who won, and soon they'll be having a pizza party.
However, the importance of this project was that I got to directly teach and motivate an entire grade on how and what compost is. With the knowledge of how easy and beneficial composting is, I hope that they are inspired to continue to compost on their own or within the school community. I also hope that underclassmen are inspired enough to keep my project going and continue to improve SLA Beeber's environment.