A story of half truths and discrimination

Devon J-Zine

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Keity Mendes (Student 2024)
Keity Mendes

I am very intrigued by your poem and the back ground because since it is all black I think this can represent how BLM movement can help black people feel less lonely in this society that isolates them so much Another part that I viewed when reading your zine is where both people that are POC are both a man and a women.This stood out for me because it shows that you acknowledge that both gender of the black people were and are both getting attack equally and not just one gender being better than the other Your drawing on page 4 reminds me of something that happened over quarantine. It reminds me of all the protests of BLM we saw over quarantine. I remember seeing the different ways people were protesting and all the cool heroic pictures I saw of people protesting. I think your picture/ drawing represents the images of BLM and the movement perfectly. Thanks for yourzine. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because I love how everything in your zine ties back to the original message and it is also visually appealing

Devon Johnson (Student 2024)
Devon Johnson

thank you for the kind words about my art. something I really tried to keep in mind while making the picture was how the world reacted to George Floyds death because as you said there were many protests and different ways people protested against the police. Overall I just wanted to use lots of words and colors because there are many pieces of art that support BLM and have all of these ideas that I used.