aaliyah s. - landslides/mudslides

  1. how the earth systems affect each other for mudslides/landslides: mudslides(geosphere) can be fatal to humans and harm trees and other plants(biosphere). since there would be fewer humans, there wouldn’t be many trees being replanted which would lead to more carbon dioxide in the air(atmosphere). the soil(geosphere) from the mudslide would be eroded which would cause the sediment level in the water to increase(hydrosphere).
  2. an understanding of environmental science can aid in handling natural disasters because it can help you know how the earth systems affect different natural disasters to prevent and prepare for if one. for example, planting trees can help to prevent mudslides/landslides because the roots from the trees will soak up additional water that seeps into the ground from the rain, which will make the chance of mudslides less likely.
  3. efforts we can make to help create a sustainable future are using fewer fossil fuels which would cause fewer greenhouse gases to be put in the atmosphere, planting more trees, teaching people how to recycle properly and actually doing it, etc.

i was shocked about most of the info i found out about mudslides/landslides, but overall i found the project to be pretty fun and easy to do. it was easy to work with my group. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1rRhArROZa_WvVfmXJ-K4YXwRjSIX4PvFAt0HdkA3FHA/edit#slide=id.g16257e8ee1a_1_0

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