Aedan Will Capstone

For our capstone, we wanted to create something that would stand out and interest others, as well as ourselves. With everyone in my group wanting to go into some form of engineering, and with all of us having an interest in cars, we decided to create something incorporating both of those ideas, a go-kart. It was small enough that it wasn't too crazy of an idea, yet still intricate enough that we could learn a lot from it and give us a challenge. The process that we went through has been a long and somewhat tedious one. To start we had to learn 2 different 3D modeling programs, the first being Solidworks and the second Autodesk Fusion 360. These two programs helped us to create a visual representation of the parts that we would have to machine and piece together to form a working machine. In addition to learning how to design the pieces themselves, we also had to learn their basic functionality too so that we could get a sense of how everything worked together as one. We then also had to learn other basic requirements for achieving any task such as how to cooperate as a team within our own time constraints and schedules and how to budget ourselves so that we would be able to pay for all the parts and materials necessary. The go-kart itself is still in the final stages of development but should be finished very soon.