Aiesha Langley Capstone

For my capstone I worked with a student who has ASD. Every Thursday I would go and talk to him, play charades, draw, and even just do check ins. As time went on I started enjoying the time spent with the student so my time with him increased to twice a week. I started keeping a record of the different things I did with him and different drawings that were made. I love helping others and when I come in and help this particular student I am able to help him feel comfortable in his own community. I know how hard it is making friends and to socialize with people and that needs to be changed.

When I first met the student I actually thought it would be difficult working with him because I myself am shy even after being apart of this community for 4 years so I know how he feel for his first year. I still get shy but working with this student has been a pleasure because we both have been stepping out of our comfort zone with each other by playing charades and acting different things out with one another, by showing our art skills and even just making conversation about how our week has been. Many people don’t know what ASD is or what having autism means so here is my awareness presentation on what ASD is, effects of having ASD, different types and the relationship it has with social skills.