Air Pollution (PSA)

For this units benchmark, we were tasked to focus on a certain form of pollution to then create a public service announcement (PSA) to better inform the public (our community) on the effects and solutions they have. Frankly, I had not been in during the decision of what our topic would be, but I had no problem with doing it on air pollution, which is what our team chose. Now, initially, for our PSA, we had intended on adding a section of interviews we did with some of our young family members, however, with technical issues, it was not able to take part in our PSA. Instead, it opens with a PSA of air pollution that dates back to 1968. It was important for me to add this in the beginning to show how much worse it’s all gotten since their attempt to stop it/lessen its severity. From then on, with facts and videos of actual air pollution, we explain how worse it’s gotten since, and its impacts on other things that are dire for our survival. Finally, we end things off with a solution of simply just having people take more action in what they want to change. In the 1968 video they took this approach as well, having people rise up, but seeing how the youth has widely taken over when it comes to protesting in our generation, we found it to be just as relevant to tell the people of today’s world.

For this project I’d say my biggest contribution was doing the video. With the voices of everyone in the group, I was able to put together an informative and visually appealing PSA to show off the work we did for the past quarter. Additionally, I helped find many different clips ahead of the video in preparation, added certain facts (for my voice in portion), and organized the scripts order. The one thing I do find that I could’ve done better, was the effort put in on the facts. While yes we had a sufficient amount of them to use for the video, some didn’t quite make sense and that’s because of me speeding up the process. What I did well in was video production and collaboration with others in our group, having things communicated with each other especially. The most meaningful part of creating this PSA was definitely just learning as I created the video. To see the actual hundreds of videos that would pop up as I looked for content was very eye opening frightening. It’s important to see these things though, sure facts are very ‘eye opening’ as well, but when you see those many people, plants, animals, etc. living through worse air conditions than we are, in America, it’s just very compelling, you WANT to make a change. And for me, I really wanted to evoke that feeling with our PSA video, so I hope I did just that.

Below is a link to our PSA video: