Algebra Q2 Benchmarks

For Ms. Epps' Algebra Benchmark, the freshman class was asked to submit a proposal for how they would improve our school, fundraise, and then use algebra to justify the amount of items they would have to sell in order to generate enough profit. Out of the two sections, we voted on the top 3 benchmarks in each class to share with the staff, as well as Mr. Johnson, with the hopes of making change in our school. Here are the winning projects:

jonesdaniel_3533_460075_School Improvement Proposal
loganmakell_late_3542_460916_Math Benchmark Project Q2
burghezilina_3481_460637_School Improvement Plan Benchmark
uhlellis_late_3606_460712_Algebra improvement plan
sturkeysamantha_3594_460032_ Algebra BM Final Project
hmadafatima_late_3784_460727_Algebra 1 Benchmark