Alisha Lane ~ Capstone

For my capstone, I decided to combine an influence in my neighborhood and get our school community involved. Last year I interned at a small thrift shop known as I Spy You Buy, and the owner held her first fashion show in April of 2018. This year the show was bigger and better, I was put in charge of finding new models and the overall management of the show (with help). Thanks to a lot of people from SLA@B we were able to have over 25 models and have a show worth seeing. During the process, I had to really hop out of my shell and speak up, management is also something I want to do in the future, and taking this chance made me realize that even though it's incredibly stressful (especially on the day of the show) I enjoyed it. The overall experience was a little overwhelming but there was a lot to learn and gain.

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Taneeja Jones (Student 2019)
Taneeja Jones

1) What's something you like about this presentation? Why did you select it? I liked that it involved a thrift shop so people could reuse the old clothes and involved a fashion show that allowed them to be seen. 2) What core values does this capstone project most represent? This capstone represent collaboration because she made a fashion show which incorporated the models and her thrift store clothes. 3) What suggestions do you have for this project to improve or expand on it? I feel like if she makes it a yearly thing it will make it more noticeable to other people. 4) What legacy is this leaving behind for future students? She’s leaving behind the legacy that you don’t have to by name brand and you can use core values even outside of school.