Amanda Todd

A seventh grade girl from Canada named Amanda took her own life in 2012 because she was being cyber bullied. She met an older man in a group chat and he talked her into flashing her chest and sending the picture. She did but she didn't hear from for a year. When he tried to contact her her wanted her to ¨put on a show¨ or he would expose the picture to everyone she knew. So she moved to a different city in Canada and some girls follow her there just to jump her later on that day her father found her in a ditch. She made a video about her experience and began to cut herself. About a year later she was found dead in her room.

Immediacy affected Amada's online life because at one click of a button her life was ruined. As soon as she hit send it was public to the world and there is nothing she could do about it.

     Permanence affected her life because she can never take the pictures she sent to this man and they will always be on the internet. Also it will never be able to completely be taken of the internet.

      Lastly lack of control those picture could be sent to anyone or put any website and she cant stop it. People will always in some way have access to them. And to some  unfortunately that is all she could be remembered as.
In conclusion don't let a mistake change your entire life. Always think before you post or send. And don't let anybody push you into peer pressure.