Amaya Hall Capstone

Picking the right topic for me for my capstone was difficult. I ended up not coming to a final decision until March which was pretty late considering how much time I’ve had. By that time I had decided to do my capstone on the paid internship, I participated in. The internship was called LincABLE. This internship taught me about financial literacy and networking. In terms of financial literacy, an example would be putting 10% away in a retirement fund when you can every paycheck. My process to complete this capstone was not as hard as I initially intended. The biggest part of this was me being able to apply myself and really give my all for this experience. You get out what you put in they always say. I want to voice that any rising seniors that have nothing to do from February to May should participate in this program. I completely recommend and will tell you that you will most definitely get something out of it. Linked is a podcast done by my team during the program.

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