Amir Lomax-Osaghae Sports Ceremony
My name is Amir Lomax-Osaghae and for my senior capstone, I decided to do a celebration for student-athletes who are underappreciated in our school. With that being said, alongside with my colleague and close friend Chris Jones, we put together a sports award assembly; recognizing and shining a light on all the student-athletes here at SLA Beeber for their hard work and sacrifices, as they proudly represented our school throughout the school year. As far as the process, when it came to organizing our capstone, we had a pretty easy time getting the assembly set up and ran due to the outstanding coaches and staff here at SLA Beeber. From this capstone, we have picked a tremendous amount of organization and leadership skills while also earning how to properly and better manage our time. After we present we hope to shine a better light on student-athletes and hope that we post it down to a senior next year to want to do the same thing that we did and then on and on.