During the 2021-2022 school year we had the task to create our senior project for the year. From the beginning I had a wrong plan which was to do some sort of community work. Or to help others. My project has had its ups and downs but I can say I stuck out to create something very different and thoughtful. For my project on elf my fist plans was to do a homeless food drive but I knew that that was something that many individuals do. My next project was fixing an out group by the name of a biyb to help encourage young women to be better. As time when on things changed and me and my partner went different way. Finally I choose to work by myself and to go to a women’s shelter and spend the day with them talking and making cake. More so I hosted a baking class for the individuals. It was so fun.The idea that I pulled off working by myself is something that I am extremely proud of, but I knew that I had in me. This project has to be one of my favorites by far of the entire year.. Overall I’m glad that the school year is over and I’m happy to have created such a thoughtful project that I will continue to talk about i hope you guys enjoyed and one day will look at my project as a example to show future students and anyah see you guys soon lol.