Dear children, the internet and device you are using is supplied by me. These rules for you were created so that you could enjoy and learn about the internet, but also to keep you safe during this time. Here are the simple rules that i request from you.

A.  Website Browsing

Do not sign up to social networks without my consent

people on the internet are creepers, if they see children as their target, they may try to manipulate you into doing shameful things. I want to prevent this from happening so please follow this rule.

Do not cyberbully

When chatting online with friends, i do not care if you talk about somewhat explicit things, but do not gossip and bully peers online

Any website that you use should only be for school work or recreational time

only appropriate material is permitted in this house.



-extreme violence

- malicious websites

B. Maintenance

Have clean hands when using this device

eating is permitted, however greasy foods are banned

if the device is dirtied please clean up the desktop and keyboard if needed