Austin Heng Capstone

​For our capstone, we taught a mini course based on the processes of game design. We had data compiled from junior year and senior year to get as much experience as we could. We looked up certain things like teaching methodology and how a class is run and how we should convey our information. Our capstone process involved a lot of testing to see how we could give information to the bright young minds of SLA. I do believe that the many sessions we had, we really got involved in learning what it is to be an educator, and as someone who wants a career in computer science I enjoyed setting up programs for the kids and trying to find new ways for them to collaborate. Each week we learned new things about how to handle teaching and I learned what it is like to try and provide curriculum that I know to other people. Yes there were some students that I had to learn how to deal with correctly, but I was still able to get through to them and make the learning experience for them great. The parts where we had to teach them how to use the program Minecraft in year one, was the year that really stuck with me the most because we had to learn what it is to change an operating system on their machines. I really enjoyed year 1 because of all the hands on computer stuff we did. bibliography doc 

lesson plans for the course (digitalized capstone)