Autonation Vs Our Nation

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Automation vs Our Nation

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Makai Carter (Student 2024)
Makai Carter

Dear Mark:

I am disappointed by your zine, “Automation vs our Nation” because of your lack of polish

One part of your zine that stands out for me is where You copy pasted the instructions I think this is disheartening because I was looking forward to reading your benchmark. Another part that I disliked is where you lacked the polish I expected This stood out for me because I wanted to see the mix of human / Ai hybrid post even some Cyberpunk type images.

Your Zine reminds me of something that I made once. One time I made a story last minute and it was so unpolished that I hated it.

Richard Da Silva (Student 2024)
Richard Da Silva

Dear Marcus

I am interested about your collage, “Automation at it's finest, creating our everyday needs,” because it makes me think how the world would be in the future and how much technology would improve.

One part of your artwork that stands out for me is where the red machines on the right are all working together to make specific thing at a certain pattern I think this is useful because machines ain't like humans that get tired, machines can't get tired of doing something so i think that's a good way of making things and humans could just supervise it in case something breaks it.

Another part that I though was interesting is where the yellow machines are also working together. This stood out for me because like I stated before can be useful for making things since they don't tired. Also depending on the machine it can lift heavy things with just one machine while sometimes for humans we usually need more than one person to lift it.

Your photograph reminds me of something that I made once. One time I build some robots made of legos for my robotics class. But we attached a thing that made codes so it could connect everything and actually make the robot works. I though was very impressive,

Thanks for your art. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because I though they were interesting because it can refers to the future of the humanity. It can bring a lot more technology to the world