Ayanna Russell Capstone

Originally, I was going to do a project on why people are homeless but I realized many of my counterparts have done that in the past and what made the research even more of a hardship is that I didn't have a lot of time to visit homeless shelters, not many homeless people were willing to share their story and most places wouldn't even allow students to volunteer. As a result, I took another route and decided to do my project on dysfunctional families beings though I have fair share experience of my own. I worked with Samantha Green who is a peer in my senior class. The process wasn't too difficult besides Sam and I trying to not say too much in our capstone in attempts to keep our personal business our own but we wanted to also say just enough so that our audience would be able to follow along. Our project is a slideshow of the work and research we did throughout the year and a brief explanation of how we feel we've grew over the last four years. The project has taught me a lot about myself and has given me insight on why people are the way they are. The project makes me want to be a better person for myself, my family, the community and for the world. Going forward, I will use this project as a reminder of who I was and how far I've come as well as a push to keep going.