Bangaly Soumaoro Canstone

I must adhere to the key ideals of inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation, and reflection as a student at SLA Beeber. My capstone project will reflect all of these fundamental ideals. The goal of this project is to demonstrate the skills and abilities I’ve gained during my four years at school by creating my own project that will assist the community or society. In this project, I want to solve two problems with one solution. Addressing this problem has the potential to benefit all living things on the planet. The major purpose of my initiative is to reduce pollution and repair the ozone layer. We can improve environmental instability by making this product simple and available to everyone. In this project, I’ll build an electric bike as a prototype for an environmental improvement strategy. Individuals who seek speedy and convenient travel while reducing environmental impact will be offered the go-kart. By switching from steam to electric engines in autos. While this concept is based on those two aspects, environmental protection and human assistance, it is a step toward a better future because it could be mass-produced to reduce the usage of gas vehicles by making it more convenient for people. This strategy will benefit the community while also educating them. It will teach the community how to be free.