Beating On Color

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Lyric Hicks (Student 2024)
Lyric Hicks

Dear Damaurion,

I am impressed by your drawing. it really stood out when I saw the advertisement that said "kill all blacks". It reminded me how the world shows that it is okay and normal to be racist and they show people to do it. I appreciate that you included that. I also liked your poem and how you mentioned George Floyd. George Floyd had a huge impact on this world so I think he is a very important person to talk about. Thanks for your zine because it was very close to my heart.

Shahid Karnai (Student 2024)
Shahid Karnai

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "He was screaming help So loud that it should of had Hurt their ears” I think this is very meaningful because it keeps the reality of the situation very simple and highlights the atrocity that occurred.