I wrote this poem to capture my feelings about the event that occurred on October 6th of 2021. The storming of the capitol by terrorists.


I am not at all surprised, to say the least,

These people act like animals but say we’re beasts,

They live their lives facing no repercussions,

Then turn around and put us in coffins,

What we did was exist in their world,

It’s our fault for the hate that they give,

It is unfair of course and it seems to be,

None of them see wrong, only people like me.

When we do it for a valid cause,

They kill us and exploit the flaws,

When they do it for unjust situations,

They’re just expressing themselves and we should have patience,

Honestly, I am tired of waiting,

We have been treated unjustly for generations,

We fight and fight but it doesn’t end,

It seems we have done all we can,

Still, we fight with all our might so our children do not experience,

The cycle of torture we endure from those who act imperiously.