Botany PSA - Epifanio Rios

Summary - In our video we talk about the benefits and the reasons of why you should start a garden. We also talk about how to maintain a garden and what steps you can take to keep your garden in a good condition. The video also has some background support from a nearby urban farm on the benefits of an urban farm. We tackle questions like: what is a garden? How do people create relationships with plants? What are the needs of a garden? and How has nature and gardening affected you?

Reflection - I contributed a lotto this project. I have been the main contributor in terms of photography, writing, and planning. I was the sole editor and director of this PSA. My group mates have contributed in terms of writing and in the interview process. I think as a whole we did a good in providing a well written script that touches many points in the rubric. But I think we could improve on the quality of the images and videos used. Could have used key images in relation to what was being said. But we wanted to show the beauty and the usefulness of a garden as a backdrop to the narration. Personally I thought the most meaningful experience of creating the PSA was going out to record and photograph the indoor and outdoor gardens we have and interacting with them for the video. It really makes you appreciate the environment and having the privileged to take part in it.

Other Section - What factors affect urban gardening? Well there are many factors that effect urban gardening: community, location, neighborhood, even the plants you decide to grow. Depending on who you are surrounded by, an urban farm can thrive or not. The location can determine the benefit it has on you and the people around you, and it can really bring people in if it somewhere where they people can care about it and use it. And the Plants you grow can help bring people in too, since fresh produce is always in need and people will come to get some since it can serve as a convenient source. What factors affect urban farming in schools? The most important factor affecting urban farming in schools is the role the garden plays for the school. Whether it is used to teach or feed students and teachers can really make a difference to urban gardening in schools. What role do the economy, politics, and society play in gardens? Truly each of those things to do not need to play a role in gardening if resourceful you can keep politics out of gardening. Society plays the role of providing people who have the drive and power to garden. It is the working hands. Economy plays the role of funding the garden, but also providing people with the means to obtain produce or experience from gardens. Its the pushing and thinking mind. What Careers apply botany and urban farming concepts? Any career can apply botany and urban farming concepts. Both of these fields can provide important ideas and skills to be able to meaningfully interact with others or even improve your work. Cultivating can really help teach someone about care and purpose being put into their work and how to ensure success.