Breon Jackson-Goodman Capstone Project

For my Capstone Project I decided to do a community clean up. The project consisted of me talking to my neighbors and organizing all of us to come together and clean our community up. In order to complete this project I had to grab a couple items ranging from trash bags to masks to keep everyone sanitized and safe. We then used the items I purchased in order to clean our community up. This is beneficial to my community because it makes my neighbors and I have a cleaner area which also helps the earth. As my project came to an end I learned that community relationships and keeping your community clean allows us to create better relationships with each other while doing something positive. Cleaning the neighborhood made the community come together because we all had the same interests despite our different lives and situations. As I completed the project it allowed me to learn more about myself. I understand now that I enjoy helping others and making a difference in the community.