Brian Brown - Capstone

I have this friend who was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder some time ago and I had to change my way of living just for them. Bipolar is not something that should be joked about because it is a serious matter that people don’t understand. My friend and I  both have to deal with someone who has bipolar disorder so we decided to make people more aware. We found the school psychologist and decided to use her as mentor because she had knew of some people that we could interview. We met up with the people who had Bipolar disorder that Mrs. Galson recommended  and talked about how we were going to make the video and what questions we were able to ask and not ask. We learned their point of view and how it feels to actually have Bipolar disorder. We then proceeded to make our Power point so that can speak a little bit in our presentation and give some type of instruction. The way that my partner and I incorporated SLA in our project is by tying the 5 core values to our project. We also started using the final cut pro to edit our video. We used two different things to record and in both of the recordings we used  SLA as our setting. If you are reading this please understand that people who have bipolar disorder can live just like us. They is a rare chance that a person with Bipolar disorder will be harmful. So if you ever come into contact with a person with Bipolar disorder don’t treat them as if they are not human. Treat them just like everybody else.

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Video is below

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