Colorful Vèvè


In this year all my pieces were different. This one help me to have a sense of self identity. Because knowing who you really are is sometimes a path that is challenging and need to be impressed. I title this piece Colorful Vèvè because it’s colorful and the lines that I drew were inspired by Vèvè drawing I've seen. While completing this project I learned self acceptance and did some research on my culture. Also I learned new art techniques, for example painting and not go over the lines. The hardest part about competing this project was me not giving up. To continue even when I felt like what I was doing wasn't right. Even when facing some challenges, while completing this piece I had fun and was very excited. I really enjoy painting, so I was a little hype. If I would do this project over again, I would probably draw a real Vèvè and then make it colorful and sparkly.