Dale's Internet Survival Guide

Dale Mejaries

(First Slide) Internet Survival Guide


(Second Slide, and Third Slide) 1. An explanation of how the Internet has changed communication. Make sure to use at least one specific example.

(Second Slide and Third Slide)1. My Answer: The Internet has changed communication by allowing us to communicate with anyone privately or publicly. You have basketball players or other professional athletes who sometimes come into contact with women who comment on their photos on the Internet.

(Fourth Slide, Fifth Slide, and Sixth Slide)2. Define Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control as they pertain to the Internet and explain how Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control affect both our offline and our online identities and lives. Include at least one example for each.

(Fourth Slide, Fifth Slide, and Sixth Slide)2. My Answer:

(Fourth Slide) - Lack of control is when you do something on the Internet without thinking about how it will affect you. An example of this is if I was a homo sexual person and I had a boyfriend who I brought in my dorm to do nasty stuff and my roommate was recording, so he threatens me and says he’ll posts videos of my boyfriend and I. My parents in this situation don’t know that I’m homo sexual, so I jump off a bridge, because I don’t want to be alive when they do and why did I kill myself, because I had lack of control over the situation.

(Fifth Slide)- Permanence is when you post something on the Internet not realizing that whatever goes on the Internet stays on the Internet. An example of this is the situation with the woman Alicia Ann Lynch, who wore a Boston Marathon Bombing Costume and posted it on Twitter. She lost her job, got death threats towards her and her parents, because she chose to post a picture of herself wearing this costume. She deleted it quickly, but in the end once you post something, it’s out there and it’s gonna be posted on someone else’s page most likely.

(Sixth Slide)- Immediacy is like when an email is sent, it’s that quick. That’s why you need to think before you post, don’t sit there and just post anything or else it will backfire on you.

(Seventh Slide)3. What are two ways that you can actively manage and protect your identity and your reputation online? (one of each)

  • One way is don’t put your identity online and the other way is simply watch what you post. For example don’t be an idiot and post your credit card on Instagram.

(Eight Slide) 4. Answer the question: “Does the Internet have rules?” Use at least one specific example.

  • Yes, the Internet does have rules, because if I was to say that I hate the president nothing would happen, but if I was to say that I’m going to bomb the White House the government would come after me.

(Ninth and Tenth Slide)5. Define cyberbullying in your own words. Describe at least 2 kinds of cyberbullying and why they are considered cyberbullying. Provide advice for: victims, bullies and bystanders of cyberbullying. Your Top 5 tips for using the Internet

  • Cyberbullying is when someone is being attacked by someone they know or may not know on the Internet. (Ninth Slide)

Two types of Cyberbullying are Harassment and Cyberstalking, Harassment is when someone is continuously sending hurtful messages to someone online and it’s considered cyberbullying, because it’s when you are trying hurting someone online. Cyberstalking is when you’re continuously harassing and denigration including threats of physical harm, so this is Cyberbullying because it’s harming someone on the Internet. If you are being harassed on the Internet by someone don’t respond If someone is Cyberstalking you it’s best that you go to the authorities, because maybe it’s a joke, but it could also not be a joke. (Tenth Slide)