Daniel Sinyal Reflection on Evolution

Daniel Sinyal



Ms. Aziz

Reflection and thoughts about the theory of evolution

The theory of evolution is an interesting thought. Selective pressure was an interesting concept and I saw it going in motion. An example are the rock pocket mouse, if the terrain is darker that means the dark furred mouse are going to be more likely to survive since they were blending in with their environment, but if the lighter furred mouse came into dark terrains they will be preyed upon by predators. The environment is the selective pressure in this example because it either increases or decreases the chance of their survival. I think that some of these systems shows how certain organisms have a higher chance of survival. I think it is quite interesting to learn about this.

I think that evolution is still an invalid theory because the evidence here only mostly talks about the similarities between organisms and how their genes are similar, which is in my opinion quite repetitive. I think that we right now we only have this theory to explain our existence because we don’t see anything else being true. To me personally, science is all probable facts that have been tested and observed which is where evidence is gained. I do believe in things such as selective pressure and the different types of phenotypes. What I see as a flaw in this theory is the fact that a bacteria has the capacity to turn into a human being. There’s no evidence of anything such as that recorded in history. If there is evidence of monkeys turning into humans through the span of a million years and we have that record recorded somewhere on an ancient cave or stone or some old board of some sort, then I’ll reconsider the theory of evolution being true.

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