DAPL - Students Standing with Standing Rock

Research and summarize updates about Standing Rock and Dakota Access Pipeline. Make use of social media to gather information.

  1. How are people using social media to fight for social justice in this particular situation?

    1. Tweeting, Hashtags, Checking in and Live streaming on Facebook

  2. Research hashtags people have been using.

    1. #NoDapl, #StandingRock, #Waterislife, #NativeAmericans, #NorthDakotaPipeline #BoycottSunoco

  3. How effective are these methods of action?

    1. They’re helping people spread awareness of the situation. They don’t have to even leave their home to check in to Standing Rock. They won’t find who are actually at the protest to protect the protestesters.

  4. What is environmental justice and role does social media play in fight environmental justice?

    1. EJ is when every is treated fairly no matter  their race, income, ethnicity, etc. Anybody is able to post on social media regardless of their backgrounds.

  5. What do you think can improve the strategy?

    1. The strategy can be improved by people actually creating barriers in their own cities. I mean that people should boycott companies that supported this project and show them how much of a negative impact their decisions can have.

Read: Norway's Largest Bank Sells Assets in Dakota Access Pipeline Company.  (Links to an external site.)

  • Summarize and write your opinion to the article

    1. This article was about how a major Norwegian bank is backing out its investment into the Dakota Access pipeline. ETP may also miss their deadline to have their pipeline finished in order for the oil companies to use it. Contracts will be lost. One of the barriers that is stopping the pipeline from being finished is the permit they need to drill through the Missouri River. If the deadline is up, oil companies may have to back out of the project. This article shows the positive outcome of activism. When something is wrong it has to be known by everyone. The Norwegian bank got into its senses realizing the evils that it invested its money into. When something is wrong people will find justice and the evil doers will lose. The ETP is paying for their poor decisions by not being able to finish their beloved pipeline.

  • Seeing as that a big shot foreign company just divested from DAPL, what would you like to tell the American people to do? How can the American people and government create an environmentally just America? Be specific and explain why your suggestion is helpful in creating a just society.

    1. American people need to rise up against their ignorance. There are too many people shrugging things off just because it may not be their problem and that is very selfish. I know that I used to be like that. But, my education has led me to care more about our world and future together as a human race. I’d like Americans to read the headlines in the least to inform themselves of what may be going on in our world and to think within themselves of how can I make a difference for tomorrow. The government and people may need to collaborate and think of guidelines we need to sustain in our everyday lives. We need to work together in order to reach our goal of environmental justice.