Working on this mini project, I learned a lot about Earth's systems, earthquakes, and how they interact with each other. Although I wasn't here to work with my group on the first day, I do think I ended up accomplishing a lot. I was able to help my group through the struggle of researching as well as help them put it all together. One thing I think I could have done better was to get more sources. We ended up with exactly four sources, but I feel like that is only meeting the expectation, and not going above and beyond. In doing this project, I was able to learn that Earth's systems interact with each other, and when one system changes, it affects the other systems as well. For example, if earthquakes occur (geosphere) underwater (hydrosphere), then seismic waves occur, water flow is faster/slower, and in extreme cases, tsunamis occur. As people study environmental science and gain a better understanding of natural disasters, we are able to know how to protect/prepare ourselves in case of an emergency, as well as maybe being able to prevent the natural disasters. Efforts we can make to create a sustainable future are to get better technology to analyze the Earth, finding out when a natural disaster will occur ahead of time so that we can properly prepare and not rush out. Link to Piktochart: