"Emotions" - Artist statement


I’ve created “Emotions” because I’m highly fascinated in affective science (the study of emotions or affect) and colors. That’s why I took these two elements that are commonly used in art and made my not so much of a color wheel, but colors from the color wheel into a pulse pattern. When we have feelings, our body reacts to those feelings in different ways, we also tend to correspond those feelings to colors, Such as the color red. Anger. When you’re angry, your pulse-rate will quicken. Or the color blue, sadness. Your pulse-rate will slow down. Also Yellow, Happiness! You can be either way when you’re happy; I start moving quickly because I get so jittery!

I think others would be able to relate once I explain why in certain colors the pulse-rate spikes. The thing that makes this project so different from my previous projects would have to be that I was given feedback and suggestions while finishing up. This made me re-think about how I was going to go about the final touches. My work totally fits in with contemporary work today.  The color wheel is a classic, but I added science into mine, and science/technology is a must nowadays.

I was influenced by many artist such as, Vincent Van Gogh and Mark Rothko, who unfortunately painted such deep and meaningful paintings at such depressing moments of their lives. Even though my work isn’t depressing it shows how emotion can depict your work.

In conclusion, “Emotions” is actually my most emotional piece of work. I am extremely happy with how it came to be. I’d have to say the Artist Critique was my main highlight of this project. I don’t usually get constructive criticism when I draw or paint, and when I did, it helped make me see my art in another perspective which was really helpful as I finished up my work. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy “Emotions”!

(​full picture of the project)