English 3 Quarter 1 Benchmark Zine

English 3 Quarter 1 Benchmark

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Gray Schwab (Student 2024)
Gray Schwab

Dear Tyron,

Your zine on gun violence is impressive and impactful. You include a lot of detail that is helpful and informative, and it is presented in a way that offers a lot of emotional weight. The stylistic and organizational decisions you made work very well, and help express the topic thoroughly.

I really enjoy the collage. It is placed well in the zine and offers a nice break between plain text and information. It isn't organized awkwardly and conveys the message clearly, including useful recurring themes.

I like the article as well because it goes very in depth on your topic. You express it emotionally as well as including important facts, creating a strong balance and useful tone.

I loved seeing your piece, and I think there are a lot of strengths in it that can only be improved as you continue creating things. I am interested to see where your eye for theming and tone goes in making new, profound pieces.