Environmental Science Mini-Project

Post your visual component A reflection answering the Essential Questions How do the earth systems affect each other?

I believe the earth’s systems work well together and allow things to create the earth that we know. For example, when the hydrosphere and geosphere work together they can create earthquakes that can also create tsunamis. From the looks of it, it’s kind of like too much happening in the geosphere which creates an even bigger reaction to the earth’s hydrosphere.

How can an understanding of environmental science aid in handling natural disasters?

Understanding environmental science can prepare us for when natural disasters come. For example, when a tornado occurs, teachers instruct students to hide under their desks in some states. I would say this is so they can not only have something protecting their heads/bodies. But also to keep them as low to the ground as possible, which is often advised during tornado warnings anyway.

By Brooklyn Spraggins + Shamar Phifer (1)