Environmental Science PSA

I chose the topic of food waste because I see people waste food and other products of food each and everyday. When people waste food they are not only wasting it when other people don't have food but they are also hurting our environment. Seeing people waste food is just hurtful to see because some people are hungry and some it makes our environment dirty and contributes to global warming. In this project I contributed with ideas and then seeing through other ideas and supporting the video in ways that were needed. I also thought of places for the video to be shot. Event though those clips did not go into the video so you could not see my part, I did contribute to this project. I also think that I did well with understanding and helping my group understand every component to this project. 
One thing I could have done better with was communicating with my group so that everyone knew what they were doing and what we wanted the finished project to look like. The most meaningful part of making this PSA was not making it but having the satisfactions of me knowing that I am going to be informing people about food waste and that I am possibly helping save the planet with warning and instructing humans the harm they are doing to our planet.