Eoin Kelly Capstone

Eoin Kelly



As a musician, I was constantly told to step outside of my comfort zone. Whether it’s attempting a new genre, singing a different song, or getting up in front of a bigger crowd. The obvious choice for my capstone would be some sort of performance of my own creations, but this is not what I wanted to do. To completely step outside of my comfort zone, I decided to leave music almost completely out of the equation.

For my capstone, I decided to create a carnival for the school to enjoy. The reason why I chose this was because of two reasons. I was not familiar with how to put this together, and it felt like it would be a good challenge for me. Also it was to let everyone have a fun and stress-free end of the year. It was a good way to say goodbye to the place that taught me much of what I needed to know in my teenage years.

I started this project in September, when we were trying to fundraise for other students projects. I spent almost every day planning, researching, and building everything I needed for the carnival. I am now in my final steps for putting on the final show. This is for the class of 2018.