Austin Heng


Ms. Moran

Spanish 2

Dia de los muertos

The person who passed away was my great grandmother and she was my guardian for many of my young childhood years. She was like the person that taught me certain values and she showed me what its like to have an elderly mom almost. She recently passed away and I decided to honor her by making the skull represent her. The orange is a special color in buddhism and that is why the monks wear it. The orange is considered a sacred color, its auspicious and it is holy. The blue symbolises wisdom , my great grandmother was very wise and I put the blue over her jaw because she always told me wise things. I put purple over her eyes because she was peaceful and independent. Purple symbolizes those things and I put them over the skull eyes because when we usually saw her, she was independent and she was always at peace. I put a black ball on her head because in asian culture, its a symbol of heaven. It has showed me that I can do certain things to honor her while she has passed, I've never thought of someone passing and making art to show respect.

Saludos. Mi llamo es Austin.  Mi bisabuela nació en Cambodia. Mi bisabuela era una mujer sabia. Mi bisabuela era muy fuerte y era independiente. Yo estoy aquí en la tierra y estoy orgulloso decir que mi bisabuela tuvo una vida buena. Mi bisabuela fue la mujer que me creo y era una persona tremenda y hasta si no era perfecta siempre me acordaré de lo que ella me enseñó.