Did the F2 generation look like how you predicted them to look?

They did, and I was extremely surprised. With how our parent generation grew I thought this generation would be a failure too. I was wrong and I couldn’t be more happy because of that.

Did the parent generation or the F2 generation grow faster?

The F2 generation grew faster with first results on the third day of observations.

What might have hindered your plants' ability to thrive?

Disturbances in the environment >.<. Our plants were moved and tampered with causing either growth defects and/or the death of our plants. They were moved from their direct light source and knocked over before which obviously isn’t helpful.

How do genetics and the environment affect the phenotype of an organism?

The genetics will affect the phenotype by giving it its color and shape. The environment however could affect the growth and/or color as well, the heat or no water could change the color of the plants by making it turn a sandy color which in plant terms means it’s dead.

Which is a greater indicator of how an organism will look?

Genetics. Sometimes an environment won't affect the phenotype.

A summary of what stood out to you during this course and why.

What stood out to me during this course is how our predictions were actually accurate. We were accurate because we studied the parent plants and the genes and used a Punnett square to predict the next gen.


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