Fast Plants Reflection by Daniel S.

    Our plants were growing pretty well but we suddenly forget to attend to it and the plants dried up. It shows that plants won't survive in a dry environments.  Genetics gives us the abilities and certain traits to survive. For example, a person may be able to handle extreme pressure and not break, while another breaks easily and dies because of it.

    The environment also affects the phenotype of an organisms, as it was stated by BBC "Survival of the fittest - those offspring whose phenotypes are better adapted to the environment have a better chance of survival and therefore a greater chance of passing on their genes to the next generation." this means that the environment can be advantageous to an individual with a certain genetic while the ones who have genes that are disadvantageous are eliminated.

    An indicator of how an organism will look is as stated by Britanica "Different environments can influence the development of inherited traits (as size, for example, is affected by available food supply) and alter expression by similar genotypes" this factor will affect who will survive, as I've stated before. Those who have advantageous genes will be more likely to survive.

    Something that stood out to me in this course is the dissection of frogs. It was quite nasty but at the same time educational. It taught me that frogs have complex organs that keeps them alive. I felt that I learned a lot from that experience. It also taught me that I should research and learn a lot more about my body and how it works.

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