Final Submission: Environmental Justice PSA

My group’s PSA is an air pollution warning in the format of an apocalypse. We chose this topic because we originally wanted to study the harm of fast fashion brands, i.e., SHEIN. However, that wasn’t a large impact on our country. So, we decided to settle for air pollution. I did well with planning the outline of the video. When we were given class time to work on the project, I remained diligent to complete the task at hand. I also served as a reporter within our PSA. In terms of doing things differently, I should’ve tried better at keeping my group on task. During class time, my group members were off task. In addition, we didn’t feel an urgency to complete this project. So, maybe we should’ve spent more time brainstorming how we could’ve made the PSA the best it could possibly be. The most meaningful part about creating the PSA was that this could be real life if we don’t take action now. Even though we tried to add humorous elements to the video, it could all happen in a matter of years. Overall, this was a fun project to make, and I’ll miss doing creative projects like this after graduation.