Food Insecurity PSA by Suhailah Rice

The topic I chose to create PSA about was food insecurity in Philadelphia. I chose this topic because of what we recently were learning about in class and not many people understand what it means to be food insecure. The video PSA me and my partner created was based on the crime shows Law and Order and a little bit of 48 Hours. We wanted to create something that would catch viewers’ attention by doing something familiar. Interrogating the causes of food insecurity makes it easy for viewers to follow while also giving sufficient information.

The creating and planning process went well for me and my partner. Throughout the process, we put ourselves in the viewer’s shoes to be sure they would be able to understand and specific connections. If I had to do something differently I would have added more to the script so some of the things mentioned could be expanded on.

The most meaningful part of the experience of creating the PSA was making the connection to redlining and food insecurity in not only Philadelphia but other cities. It was so meaningful because I was able to see another example of how the practice still has lingering effects.