Glow Force 1s


Artist Statement

For our project we choose to use a sneaker and make the lights as shoe laces. We chose this because we both found the common ground of realizing that we both like shoes. We could even be called sneaker heads by the way we like them and how much we compare different ones and the things about them. Our goal was to light an object of our choice with a circuit and lights. For our specific goal we choose to use christmas lights as shoe laces and replace them with the actual shoe laces.

We choose the shoe all white air force 1’s, because they are a classic shoe that will most likely be in style forever. Another reason we used this shoe was because it would be the easiest show to try to fit bulbs in. Also, when we thought about the base we thought about what shoe can we use that was a good shoe but could be afforded to be messed up. During this time we though about two shoes which were the air force 1’s or the kd’s. The final decision was the air forces because we found that the shoe was flexible which would allow us to make any changes with the bulbs and it would allow us to place the bulb inside the shoe which makes it even more efficient design.

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