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Patrick Khan (Student 2024)
Patrick Khan

Thanks for your art ¨Soul Ties¨. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because Of how you used creativity in the artistic piece to convey the message of your zine to the public in a meaningful way this way of integrating art into topics like this will bring me back to you work again because i will be looking forward to see how you use creativity and integrating it into topics like the one your szine is based off of

Charlie Murden (Student 2024)
Charlie Murden

Dear Tyrone:

I am engaged with your research article, the interview with your mom, because it explains how her thoughts and perspectives on Philly have changed from what it used to be. And it is interesting to hear about what a Philly native thinks about their own city, and about the things that they have experienced themselves. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I do feel the violence has become more reckless” I think this is very true because within the last few years the number of homicides and shootings in the city have skyrocketed, and it is just getting worse. I agree with you that "The most dangerous locations in Philadelphia are the ones you don’t know." One reason I say this is because being someone from Philly, it is always most dangerous going into a new area that you are unfamiliar with, because you don't know what's around you or what could happen. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because gun violence is a very relevant topic and issue, not only in Philadelphia but around the world in general, and I would like to read more about other thoughts or opinions that you have about it.

Devon Johnson (Student 2024)
Devon Johnson

I am envious by the way your poem, "Angels Trumpet" because of the way everything flows together and the way it is designed. Next time I create something like this I would use some of the ideas you have because of how artistic I can tell your creation was.

Asa Morrison (Student 2024)
Asa Morrison

Dear Tyrone : One part of your zine that stands out for me is the art work you used and how there's a Kendrick Lamar reference with the words "Soul Ties". This stands out to me because i'm a heavy Kendrick Lamar fan this really stands out to me.

Shahid Karnai (Student 2024)
Shahid Karnai

I am impressed by your artwork, “Soul Ties,” because of the way it looks and the message it conveys. It clearly took a lot of effort to make, and I could understand what you meant even without the artist's statement.

Jaden Beyyah-Brooks (Student 2024)
Jaden Beyyah-Brooks

What stood out to me about your artwork was the gun smoke covering the gunman so you don't see whos behind the gun. I thought that was a good creative decision and helped get your point across.