Heather Lopez Capstone

My capstone was more of a class assignment, and to be honest what I had in mind, didn't go as planned. I was running around like a chicken lost their head but with the help of my mentor, it was less stressful. My engineering class was assigned to build whatever Ms. Hare needed for the school play. Each of us was separated into groups with a goal. My group and I were assigned to create canvas' that the backgrounds can be painted on, that's also very fast and easy to move. It took about a month and a half to get the final product we wanted. On top of this our class had to study and prepare for our NOCTI exam! Throughout this process we went through building it, taking it apart, and rebuilding it all over many times. There were plenty of times that all of us wanted to just quit because it was always something! But if there's anything that I learned from this building process was patience and unity that comes with not only the SLA core values but also in the Engineering Design Process. My days at SLA was like a rollercoaster, but I'll forever be grateful for this experience!