How does the Literacy Rate Affect the Income Per Person?

The literacy rate and the income per person has a positive correlation between each other in Puerto Rico and Italy. I think that is telling us the more illiterate you are the more likely you are to have a higher income. I also believe it means that it tells you that the lower the literacy rate the lower the income per person can be. The x- axis is Income per person while the y-axis is the literacy of adults. As the graph plays the Income and literacy rate moves in an upward direction. In the first graph, the yellow represents Italy while the green represents Puerto Rico. Also if you look at the 2nd graph which has a view from all the places contrasts with the first graph with the positive correlation. I chose this topic because there are numerous amount of people in the world are illiterate.I was just wondering what type of money could they actually be making and what type of society it would be. I researched this question because I think it tells a lot about a certain place area. It tells the type of education they and the type of life they will most likely lead in the future. I chose these two places because I never really knew anything about these places except for their names. I used the graphs to compare and see if it was only with these two places or was the other places just alike. When looking at the graphs it basically tells you that the rate of you having a high income by if you were illiterate or not. The first graph only shows the two places that I chose which were Italy and Puerto Rico. In the second graph, it shows multiple places all over In both graphs you see that they both go up in a positive way if the literacy rate was high. That would also have to mean that if the literacy rate was low then it would decrease. I chose literacy rate as my topic because I wanted to know how could your life really turn out if you are illiterate.