How to use a Smore flyer

For my reflection piece I did a video on how to use a Smore Flyer. Smore is a website that really helped me out during this year in various projects. It's really easy to get all your information up on the flyer while looking visually appealing. I really do like all the options that Smore offers while creating a flyer. The technology I used to create my reflection video is TechSmith which records your screen and audio. During my rough draft I was a dummy and I hadn't realized that it was recording my audio. I had just wrote out my explanations in the text boxes and when I looked back at the video I heard everyone talking. So that was a lesson that I learned... to pay more attention. My final draft I took that into consideration, went to a quieter place and tried recording there. The mic is really sensitive and I wish it didn't. But overall, TechSmith is a cool extension that I can use in the future and I'm happy that I got to work with it now.