Hudhafa Ibn Abdul Basir Staton Capstone Project

My senior capstone was a series of interviews asking students about school and how they feel about school. Coming into my first few months of school I had no idea what I wanted to do for capstone. To be quite honest I didn’t want to do the project at all, but I did want to graduate. Now originally I wanted to do a podcast but that ultimately failed so I decided to make an informational video that teachers and staff of our school could use in order to improve on making Science Leadership Academy Beeber a better learning environment. The process was sort of a struggle. There was a big change of plan. Like I said before I initially wanted to do a podcast but people had their own assignment and couldn’t all get together. So I then changed it to a series of interviews that can have as many people as I want in there. I think everything has room for improvement but I did the best I could for this project and I am proud of it.