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Ryan's Interview (my dad)

What is your favorite memory of me? Why? Are there any other memories that come close to being as good as this one? If so what is it?

I don't have any one particular memory because I think there is definitely a lot of times we done things together or life experiences that were enjoyable And i honestly don't want to pick any one favorite one I think that is half that fun of it is experiencing life and seeing all of the times that are good and there are so many that stand out that there isn't one really big one.

If there was one moment in your life that you wish you could experience again what would it be? Why? Are there any other moments that you wish you could re live? if so what are they

I think this answer will be probably similar to the first which is that I'm a firm believer in having experiences and i think a lot of times it good to go out in the world and see things and feel things and experience things and I think that those types of interactions with the world color who we are and make us the type of person that we are. And I feel like the older that we get the more our memories adjust based on every new memory and every year things get older. I don't necessarily want to experience any again because I feel that would change how I remember it or it might not be as good or wonderful or interesting; or the way that I remember is how it influences me now and that is what I want to remember.

If you had a chance to go back in your lifetime and change one that that you did what would it be? Why? Are there any more instances that you wish you could have changed? If so what are they?

I think that one thing is not one specific moment but it is an attitude. And its an attitude about how I felt about school particularly while I was in high school; I think one of the biggest things I would go back and change is how I felt while I was in high school I wish I had done more better work you know and strived to go above and beyond because i was an example of that smart kid who thought you know if I do that little bit I'm smart enough to get by, great. But realistically that's all that's going to ever happen in your life you are just going to continue to get by, never be more do more until you do more and become more in high school.

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Jake's interveiw

• What is your earliest memory?

Being born

• Whatʼs the most exciting thing youʼve done?

Swimming with sharks or eating

• What are the most important lessons youʼve learned in life?

Get good grades and go to college. Don’t smoke or drink.