Your high point of the course when it comes to your learning

The high point of this class was the photoshop project because it teached me a lot of new and useful things. It was fun and let my creativity flow which was my favorite part.

An area of growth for you

I think overall my writing and my whole website could be improved. I feel as though, my website looks cluttered and might want to simplify it so that it is more appealing to the eye.

How you have used or could use a skill or technique you learned this year outside of this class

I think I will continue using my website to update and keep whoever is looking at it up to date. I want to use it professionally and educationally in the future for my real portfolio.

An idea you want to pitch for a project for next year's class

I think a good idea would be editing papers online using several apps and seeing how well they worked.

3 tips for anyone taking this class

  • Have fun

  • BE ON TIMe

  • Always get a second opinion