Internet survival

  • The internet changes the world ? (slide 1)

Internet Changed the world in many different ways, more than some people can image. Back in the old days there was only one way to talk to someone when they were far away, you had to write out hand written letters and wait for them to arrive to were you sent the letter and then wait for them to write you back. The Internet made it to where you can text someone in just seconds and get a message back in minutes instead of waiting for days or weeks for a letter. That is just one of the was the Internet changed the world.

  • Define immediacy (slide 2)

Immediacy means the quality of bringing one into direct and instant involvement with something, giving rise to a sense of urgency or excitement.

Immediacy changed are offline life because we can drive to family members and not walk miles and miles. It affected are online life because we can FaceTime anyone and see them instantly.

  • Ways to protect your identity and reputation(slide 3)

A good way to protect your identity and reputation is to have passwords that you can remember, but something no one else will think of. For example the name of your grandparents and the last numbers of your phone number something no one will ever guess or know.

  • Does the internet have rules slide 4

The Internet definitely has rules. On basically every social media you can't post and pornagraphy of any kind. On google there has to be age restrictions on Certain web searches, for example Google will need you to confirm your age and birthday.

  • Define cyberbullying slide5

Cyberbullying is when you bully someone online or make fun of people.

  • Advice for bullying slide6

If you're a victim of cyberbullying tell someone like your parents so they will help you deal with it. Always speak up if you're being bullied. If you're a bully stop being one, making someone feel bad to make you feel good isn't right. If you see someone getting bullied tell someone or cut in and ask if the bully thinks that's ok make them stop what they're doing never sit back and watch.

  • 5 Internet tips last slide

  • never post any sexual content

  • Make safe passwords that no one would guess

  • Never post thing that is illegal

  • Never give out your password

  • Never meet up with anyone that you met online