Internet Survival Guide

    Slide 2:     The internet has changed the communication by making it more easier to talk to someone,rules and freedom have involved and basically anyone can contact another person from the internet.For an example people can access the internet anywhere and talk or chat with a random person or someone they know.

Slide 3: Immediacy is getting yourself in an involvement of something or an event that you do or do not have apart of.On the internet you are able to be apart of many things like chats,video calls,hangouts and more to contact people and be apart of something.Permanence is the freedom you have to post but it can basically be there for ever for everyone to see if someone takes a screenshot or if you cant remove it.Lack of control is basically apart of this,you have to know what your posting and make sure it doesnt make yourself look bad.

Slide 5: You can protect your identity by providing a fake name and not your real age to keep your real identity out the way.If your reputation online is bad and people know your real identity than they will know the person you are and these bad things can spread in a negative way.

Slide 6:I would say that the internet does have rules but not many people follow them because theres alot of freedom also with the internet.If someone post something mean but others like it the person will be known for it but people will still treat him good if he does bad things.So I would say that theres rules but people dont follow them without anything bad happening to them from it.

Slide 7: Cyberbullying is basically internet bullying that affects people online,doing these bad things can really hurt someone online and reports can be made.So cyberbullying can go by as mean comments,trolling and more bad things to make another person angry towards you by these things.

Slide 8:Trolling -Making someone think you are something to make them feel stupid in a way to put them in laughter

Slide 5: Fake profiles-Making people think you are someone else and pretending to be them and setting a bad example of them towards others.

Slide 8:I think bullies should not make fun of others online because these things arent nice and reports counts,also its sometimes a state lawVictims should tell others for help and keep it to there selves to help it not spread more negative vibes,
Slide 9:Sex harrasment goes towards children,teens and even adults it mainly is from the internet and things dealing with sex is all over the internet.This maybe makes kids wanna have sex or offered sex